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“I am feeling the best I have felt in 30 years. My Doctor listened carefully, explained some of the health issues that were so confusing to me and put me on a diet and now all my symptoms are slowly disappearing.”

Carmen Davison

“Best doctors I’ve had in my 23 years. After a year of gi issues and high anxiety they have truly changed my life around. Without their help, I wouldn’t be where I am today!”

Jane Hansen

“Staff at Avicenna is very knowledgeable and friendly! They are honest in telling me what I need to do to help my back pain and always encourages me to be independent in finding a lifestyle that works for me.”

Phyllis Jarrell

“My Doctor at Avicenna Clinic has been very helpful and has relieved much of my pain. So far the care has been excellent and the price is very reasonable too.”

Michael Grissom
While suffering with severe lower back pain and sciatica, I had two acupuncture sessions with Alison and definitely felt relief from the pain, especially after the second session. Alison was very confident and put me at ease. I would certainly not hesitate to book with Alison in the future should my back problems return.
John R

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